How to Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard?

WordPress is the best platform to a successful website.Because it is easy and flexible to use.But how to manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard?

With WP Blazer One Time Payment,you will set your websites and forget!

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – Overview:

Product Name : WP Blazer One Time Payment             

Creator Name : Cindy Donovan & Giri Prakash

Niche : Software

Sales Page :  Click here

Refund : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bonus : Wonderful Bonus

Recommend : Highly Recommend

What is WP Blazer One Time Payment?

It is a cloudbased software that lets you to manage all your websites easy in one dashboard.                    It is centrally Manage :  SSL setup, blog posts, comments, plugin/theme installs, user creation, categories, tags, niche groups, central admin login, cloning, pixel/software and more across whichever sites you choose!

It is completely Automate : Security malware checks, regular core, plugin and theme upgrades, backups (cloudbased if you like), social sharing and up-time monitoring!

Watch this video for more details!

WP Blazer One Time Payment’s Features:

  • Update ALL Of Your WordPress Sites With One Click
  • Write & Publish Posts To Multiple Blogs
  • Install OR Update New Plugins or Themes
  • Moderate/Approve/Deny Comments
  • Create A New WP Users
  • Schedule Automated Regular Backups
  • Run Instant Secure CLOUD Backups
  • Easy SSL Setup & Management
  • Pixel Management Across All Blogs
  • Auto-Social Shares To FB & Twitter
  • Simple SEO Site Auditing
  • Clone Your Sites + Click & Install
  • InBuilt Security Malware Scanner
  • Safety 24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring Tool

Also,WP Blazer One Time Payment Will Give You:     

  • Easy SSL Setup & Management
  • 1 Click Multi-blog Pixel Management
  • Autoshare Posts To Facebook & Twitter
  • Simple SEO Site Audits For More Traffic
  • WP Website Cloning & 1 Click Install
  • Up Time Monitoring For All Of Your Sites
  • In-Built Security Malware Scanner
  • 1 Click WordPress Admin Login

How Does WP Blazer One Time Payment Work?

It is easy to work :

  1.  Login To our cloud platform and add your WP Sites
  2. Manage them all from one dashboard : Update them, add plugins & themes or simply edit whatever you need
  3. Set up automatic scheduled backups so you never have to worry again about your sites being hacked or taken down

See demo video!

Pros & Cons:


  • Friendly & simple to use
  • Full web platform & Automate
  • Nothing to install or upload
  • It is for any niche
  • Discounted Pricing                                      


  • Price will increase

WP Blazer One Time Payment’s Bonus:

  • WP Spin Win Plugin
  • WP InstaPixel
  • WP Crypo Cash


                                                 Click here to visit sales page

WP Blazer One Time Payment is the best tool for any WordPress site owner who has two or more sites and wants to free himself of the constant overhanging stress and worry of managing them.So,buy it now!

I hope my review will help your buying decision! Feel free to contact me for any help!

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